Texas Power Bar

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IronDawg Power, Inc is the world wide distributor of the Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, Texas Squat Bar and other Specialty Texas Power Bars.  The Texas bars were developed by Buddy Capps (a Texas powerlifter) in 1980 and have become the standard in powerlifting world wide. 

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Texas Bench Press Bar is 8" long, weighs 25kg with 1 3/16" diameter shaft and 20 " sleeves.  The thick shaft won't bow and gets to the chest easier

Texas Body Building Bar 20 kg.  27 mm shaft, feels great.

Texas Youth Bar 15 kg. 25 mm shaft, 6' 6" long.

Texas Cross Training Bars:

Texas Cross Bar 285   20 kg

Texas Cross Bar 270  20 kg

Texas Cross Bar 250  15 kg

The Cross Bars all come with chrome sleeves.

Texas Power Bars 


Regular Texas Power bar:

Deadlift Bar:

  • 27mm Diameter
  • 230 cm long
  • 20kg Bar Weight
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Black Zinc Oxide Coating
  • 186,000 PSI Rating

Squat Bar:

  • 30mm Diameter
  • 244 cm Long
  • 25kg Bar Weight
  • Center Knurling 30 cm
  • 143 cm Between Collars
  • 186,000 PSI Rating

For a price on Texas Power Bars and Texas Cross Training Bars please call L B Baker +1-770-713-3080 or email:  lbbaker@irondawg.com

Original Texas Power Bar

The lifter is Miguel Rodriguez of the USA           

Original Texas Deadlift Bar  

The lifter is Al Mehan of Canada

Original Texas Squat Bar

The lifter is Charles Bailey of the USA 500kg