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IronDawg Power, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of Powerliftig Equipment.

All Irondawg Power Equipment and Texas Power Bars are 100% Made in the USA !

For immediate information call L B Baker at 770-713-3080

To make payment send a check or money order to:

IronDawg Power
P O Box 40
Bogart, Ga. 30622

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IronDawg Knee Wraps with Velcro 2 1/2 meter
$45.00 shipping included.
These wraps are stronger than average.
IronDawg Super Strong Knee Wraps 2 1/2meter
$55.00 shipping included.
These wraps are among the strongest on the market
IronDawg Wrist Wraps with Velcro 22 inches
$25.00 shipping included
IronDawg Super Straps
$20.00 shipping included

IronDawg Power is the manufacturer and distributor of the IronDawg Monolift and IronDawg Power Bench the standard of the APC.

IronDawg Wheel Barrow for strong man training or competition,
1500 pound capacity.   $995.00

NEW!!!!   Front opening monolift
Powder coated model white or red $4,995.00

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The lifter is facing out and the monolift is behind for a better view by the audience.

IronDawg Traditional Monolift $3,995.00

We didn't invent the monolift but we made it much better
The American Favorite

IronDawg Power Heavy Duty Competition Bench 
with adjustible safty bars  

Made to APC/GPA/IPO contest specifications.  52 inches wide,  3"x3" square  tubing; adjustable uprights; walk through hand-off platform. 


The lifter is Kari Kalliola of Finland
The IronDawg front opening monolift

Extra wide base; 4"x4" square  tubing.  Strong enough for any lifter.

"The IronDawg Monolift and competition bench are the strongest and the best I have ever seen." 
 Jim Rouse, Multi-World Champion

"The IronDawg Monolift is the focal point of my personal gym, the best made and strongest I have ever seen."  
Garry Frank, strongest man in the world.


IronDawg Power is the distributor of the Texas Power Bar, Texas Deadlift Bar, and Texas Squat Bar.  The Texas bars were developed by Buddy Capps (a Texas powerlifter) more than 30 years ago and have become the standard in powerlifting.  Due to the popularity of the Texas Power Bars there are many copies now.  Buddy Capps of Capps Welding in Irving, Texas was the inventor and is still the only person or company who makes a Texas Power Bar.  All others are fake.

 For a dealer outside the US email; or call L B Baker +1-770-713-3080

If it is a Texas Power Bar it will have this logo inside the end cap:     

Texas Bench Press Bar for Men only.    The bar is 8" long, weighs 50 pounds with 1 3/16" diameter shaft and 20 " sleeves.  The thick shaft won't bow and gets to the chest easier.


Texas Cross Training Bars

The Cross Bars only come with chrome sleeves.

Texas Power Bars 


Regular Bar

  • 28.5mm Diameter
  • 214 cm long
  • 20kg Bar Weight
  • Center Knurling 10 cm
  • Black Oxide Finish
  • 186,000 PSI Rating

Deadlift Bar:

  • 27mm Diameter
  • 230 cm long
  • 20kg Bar Weight
  • No Centre Knurling
  • Black Zinc Oxide Coating
  • 186,000 PSI Rating

Squat Bar:

  • 30mm Diameter
  • 244 cm Long
  • 25kg Bar Weight
  • Center Knurling 30 cm
  • 143 cm Between Collars
  • 186,000 PSI Rating

For a price on Texas Power Bars and Texas Cross Training Bars please calll L B Baker +1-770-713-3080 or email:

Original Texas Power Bar


The lifter is Miguel Rodriguez
of the USA           

Original Texas Deadlift Bar


The lifter is Al Mehan
of Canada
Original Texas Squat Bar

The lifter is Charles Bailey
of the USA 500kg





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