MINUTES FOR July 10, 2016

Old business: None to discuss.

New business: Set ground rules on front and side judging of squats. We need consistent calling. It is not appropriate for the head judge to red light for depth of squats. LB Baker stated these rules have already been put in place as well as no relatives can judge each other or be on the platform judging at the same time.

Marcell Allen suggested that we recertify the judges. The decision was reached to recertify every 2 years and President Andy Williamson 2nd the motion. A vote was made and this is now a new rule.

I Brittany Hobbs was voted in as secretary of the APC.

Marcell Allen suggested that we have 4 to 5 meets a year to really promote the APC. We held a vote and have decided to hold 4 a year as well as the have been set for 2016.

We will hold the America’s Cup on September 17th at Iron Beast gym in Gainesville, GA. We will have donations set up. We are still awaiting a decision on which organization we are giving donations to.

We will hold a push/pull meet on November 12th at the community center in Thompson, GA. Michael Lloyd is heading up this meet as well as really trying to promote this for military guys. At this meet donations will be optional for attendees but what is collected will go to the wounded warrior project.

Marcell Allen suggested to put the GPA link on any facebook posts made. LB Baker seconds that and also suggested to post things on website so they do not disappear on facebook.

Svetlana Baker wants to publicize that they need referees for the world meet in Russia due to having 3 platforms. You can apply online.

Gary Glenn suggested that on team entries to use the best 6 lifters for scoring and not designate lifters. This vote was vetoed as well as LB Baker pointed out you have to enter teams 10 days prior to meet this rule is already in place.

Dana Tripp suggested to help judging we should collaborate on the red lights given. LB Baker pointed out we already have a rule in place that we can not collaborate on red lights due to persuasion.

Kendall Dean motioned a donation to various organizations at every meet. This was voted in but the promoter can veto this if they do not want to have a donation set up at their meet.


Attendance at the meeting: Michael Lloyd, Svetlana & LB Baker, Andy Williamson, Dana Tripp, Gary Glenn, Marcell Allen, Kendall Dean, Brittany Hobbs

Meeting adjourned @ 4:32 pm.