APC AGM 2015

The meeting was called to order by President Andy Williamson at 4:28 PM

In attendance:
Garry Glenn
Andy Williamson
L B Baker
Tim Moon
James Houston
April Mathis
Tyler Cummings
Eric Head
Marcell Allen
Mike Lloyd
Lee Lichtle
Aaron Finks

Tyler Cummings suggested a better location for APC meets.
Discussion and no action.

Lee Lichtle made a motion for the APC to have 10kg bumper plates available for lifters with a minimum opener in the Deadlift so they don’t have to reach down so far. 2nd by Marcell Allen.  Ayes have the vote.  Marcell Allen agreed to donate the 10kg bumper plates.

The team formula and Masters formula was discussed and no change was decided.

James Houston suggested lowering the height of the competition benches.  No action taken.

Andy Williamson made a motion to build boxes for lifters with short legs on the bench.  James Houston 2nd the motion.  Ayes have it.


James Houston made a motion that a referees meeting be held before each meet. 2d by Marcell Allen.  Ayes have it.

James Houston made a motion to have a special election of officers to fill vacancies.  Motioned carried, election held.

Andy Williamson President

James Houston Vice President

Dana Tripp Technical Officer

Robert Lovelace Honorary President

Garry Glenn Media Specialist

Marcell Allen Social Media Specialist

James Houston made a motion that the APC create the position of “Training Officer” Andy Williamson 2nd motion.  Ayes have it.

Tyler Cummings elected “Training Officer”.

L B Baker made a motion that Michael Lloyd be appointed as Chairman of Military, Fire and Police and the Wounded Warrior Project.  Motion carried and Ayes have it.

The Secretary position was tabled for the time being and Dana Tripp will remain as Secretary.

Andy Williamson asked everyone to help find sponsors.

Meeting adjourned at 5:45PM